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About our company

The company DAME Group s.r.o. was founded in 2012 and was engaged in the shipping and distribution of construction materials. Based on years of experience, a business relationship was established between RELUX Ltd. and DAME Group. DAME Group obtained exclusive representation for the entire Czech and Slovak Republics. RELUX Ltd. operates in the German, French, Albanian, Moldovan, Croatian, Swiss markets, and now also in the United Kingdom. RELUX is among the largest manufacturers of paints, coatings, and facade materials on the Balkan Peninsula. The products undergo rigorous testing and possess all necessary certifications for the European market. Additionally, the products have obtained certifications within the framework of European subsidies.

For the territory of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, sales are provided by DAME Group s.r.o. (Company ID: 29316600), located at Příčná 1892/4, 110 00 Prague 1. You can contact them via email at info@damegroup.eu or by phone at +420 703 675 675.

Sale, service, submitting a complaint

We focus on wholesale distribution. We are capable of providing complete materials for construction or renovation of facades (both interior and exterior), including insulation materials for properties, all at the best prices in the domestic market. We operate an e-shop for retail purposes at damebarvy.cz, where you can find our offered range of products. This is where you can immediately place an order for materials in case you urgently need more supplies than anticipated.

We offer the option of personal pickup at our warehouse in Prague 9, where you can also find our technician who can assist you with any inquiries you might have. We prefer direct transfers to construction sites or to the warehouses of construction companies.

For RELUX products, we provide a 10-year warranty (in case of application by experts from the DAME Group or their contracted partner companies).

Our sales network

  • Sena BB (France)
  • RyFo Colors (Germany)
  • Profi Bau Centar (Croatia)
  • Bratica Commerce (Montenegro)
  • Xhoxhaj Bau (Germany)
  • Kurti Bauunternehmen (Germany)
  • Presheva Group (Belgium)
  • Ganamat SA (Switzerland)

Our products

Thermo-izolimi / ETICS (external thermal insulation composite systems)

Edelputz – facade acrylic coating without structure (total/full)

Rillenputz – textured acrylic facade coating

Lotusan Edelputz – facade silicone coating without structure (full/full)

Lotusan Rillenputz – facade made of structured silicone

Quarzgrund – quartz facade primer

Tiefgrund – universal primer, especially for paints

Klebespachtel (white) – adhesive and leveling compound for polystyrene and cement base

Klebespachtel (grey/black) – polystyrene adhesive and leveling compound with ash and cement base

Styrocol S1 (white) – polystyrene adhesive with white cement base

Styrocol S1 (grey/black) – polystyrene adhesive with ash and black/grey cement

Fasadë dekorative – decorative facade based on white cement

Buntsteinputz – colourful decorative facade



- interior silicate paint
- interior silicone paint
- Extra Plus
- Trend Plus
- Starfix
- Classic Object


- outdoor silicate paint
- silcosan Classic
- acrylic facade paint PREMIUM
- acrylic facade paint


- paints for concrete
- floor paints
- roof colors
- paints for swimming pools


Waterproofing materials

- Waterproofing Flexibel 1K - one-component acrylic waterproofing

- Waterproofing Flexibel 2K - two-component waterproofing based on acrylic and cement

- Hidrotop Flex 2K - two-component waterproofing based on acrylic and cement


- R110 - white mortar

- R190 - black/ash mortar

- BioFinish Extra - smooth

- leveling materials

- smoothing sealants

- self-leveling materials


- microcement

- microcement - fine lines

- microcement (in a bag)

- gold color

- silver color

- bronze color

Iron and wood

- anti-corrosion primer/iron base

- paint for iron and wood – glossy

- paint for iron and wood – matte

- basic/anti-corrosion iron base (water base)

- paint for iron and wood - shiny (water based)

- paint for iron and wood - matte (water based)


- anticorrosive
- Turpentine - oil solvent


- wood glazing
- varnish for wood
- wood glazing (water-based)

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